Unison Binaries


Important note Binaries and source releases are now on the project releases page. This site will not be updated with new releases.

Unison Binaries

Here are some compiled versions of Unison. For more information about Unison, please see the project page or the Yahoo discussion group.

Mac OS X

  • Text version

    Use the GUI version, and do a Unison -> Install Command line tool

  • GUI Intel
    • 2.48.15 (2015.10.05, stable, tested on El Capitan. Requires El Capitan. Compiled with Ocaml 4.02.) SHA1: e7e7d306e33cd498ab58f8e6aa508c8f4024f1b2.
    • 2.48.3 (2015.06.17, stable. Requires a version of OS X with the notification center. Compiled with Ocaml 4.01; use this version if you need to connect to unison servers compiled with Ocaml 4.01.) SHA1: b77d588bdee11a50c0ed90acb7e3558499f9cfce.
    • 2.40.61 (2011.01.28, stable). SHA1: 7b11e4a8a27a414e227ec2fcf825a2180faa1c30.
    • 2.40.69 (2011.07.19, stable, <strong>64 bits only</strong>.) SHA1: a5030e7e1f59d90815c54b4fb824a8dde96acd41.
  • GUI Universal Binary
    • 2.27.72 (2008.05.29, stable. This has been tested on Leopard intel and PPC. If something goes wrong, please drop me a line). SHA1: 26c07ccdfcf67bd6d9ae6854adbef8e3d6939a5a.
    • 2.32.12 (2009.05.06, stable. Should work on Tiger and Leopard). SHA1: 839c06a1f328bd2e64cf8eeb20cea18953137c1e.


Unison binaries for Windows may be found on Jérôme Vouillon’s Unison page.


Thanks to Mike Elkevizth, here are Linux GTK+ version.

  • 2.27.57 (2008.02.04, stable, compiled on CentOS 4.6),
  • 2.32.52 64 bit (2009.07.01, stable, compiled on CentOS 5.3),
  • 2.32.12 32 bit (2009.05.11, stable, compiled on CentOS 4.7).

Thanks to Ivo Pletikosić, here is Linux GTK+ version 2.40.61 (2010.10.26, stable, 32 bits).

Thanks to Urs Mueller, here are text only static versions

Thanks to Lyle Gordon, here is an Oracle Solaris 11 Express version, compiled with ocaml 3.10.2 and lablgtk 2.10.1: 2.40.63 (2011.05.03, stable).

Thanks to Denoyse, here is an arm version, compiled under Debian squeeze on a Marvell Sheeva CPU (DreamPlug): 2.40.63 (2011.10.16, stable).

Thanks to Greg Huber, here is a a centos 5.7 x8664 version: 2.40.63 (2012.01.20, stable)

Jens Wagner has compiled a static ARM binary for unison 2.40.102. He is hosting it, as well as instruction for compilation, on his web site.

Binaries of Unison 2.48.3 for the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 may be found here.